Aerial photo taken by Simon Wills July 2009.

Updated - 4/5/2020    

    What a start to 2020 we have had. The World is a much different place to what it was last time I updated the website. We were still in drought and fires were affecting a lot of Australia. Now we find ourselves surrounded by plenty of water and abundant green grass - but also living in a whole new world with its‘ own language. WFH, TP, sanny, Iso, Remote learning, Zoom and COVID-19 are all part of our everyday language now.

    Living on a Farm means, work wise, it is pretty much business as usual. Which in itself is a strange place to be in. Our cattle are all looking great and the horses are thriving.

    We only covered a handful of mares and when we got rain I did regret not covering more. But then of course the world turned upside down and so I am now happy I decided not to add too many new arrivals to our herd.

    Having said that I have still managed to add to the Fenwick Family over the passed few months or so. Back in December I was fortunate enough to buy one of our Shetland Pony mares who had found her way to the Pakenham Horse Sales. 18 year old Fenwick Waternixy has returned home after 16 years. Unfortunately she did not come with paperwork but I am just happy to have her here to live out her days.

    Four other Shetland mares have also joined our band. Glenkery Gold ‘N‘ Melody and her daughter Glenkery Jade along with Gleneagles Sioux and Fenwick Trista. This colourful foursome have settled in happily to our herd of “Rainbow” Shetlands.  

      Stay safe everyone!







Fenwick Marcus (F.Chestnut Gem/Meadara Pats Maydit) rising 32 with Ernie.







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