Aerial photo taken by Simon Wills July 2009.

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Autumn Update

    After a super dry start to 2019 we finally got a very late Autumn break and in just under a week there is a beautiful carpet of green replacing the dust. Fingers crossed it doesn’t turn too cold and we have a bit more follow up.

    At this stage I am pretty relieved to only have a handful of foals due this Spring. I have only weaned our 1 Arab baby so far as the ponies were all born late last season. Young F.Silver Lady (Silver Spurs last foal) is just an absolute delight to deal with. So far nothing worries her and she just takes it all in her stride. I will be weaning the Shetland foals next month and look forward to giving her the chance to have some real babies to play with.

    Last month we said farewell to F.Annalisa who has headed off to sunny QLD to live with Bec McCosker. She got to meet and greet with a few new friends along the way and has settled in to her new home like a champ. Apparently she was a bit taken aback by the green stuff on the ground but was quick to work it out.

    Apologies for not getting more recent photos up on the Sal;es Page. I confess that when things are dry and depressing I don’t tend to take my camera out for horse shoots. Once this green stuff kicks in and things look brighter  (even though the horses will be in their Winter finest) more pics will come.   













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Arabin Filly Fenwick Silver Lady (F.Silver Spur/F.Regal Lady)

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